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Songs You Didn't Know I Wrote About You (2023)
Staking Flags in the Valley (2014)
Track List: One Wish Left/Crooked Teeth/Black Highway/Send Me a Dove/Songs Fall/Borrowed Man/Colored Glass/Arizona/Arkansas/Starve the Dog/Laundromat/Go Now/What Do I Know?
The Resolution EP (2010)
Track List: Little Lifeboats/Robot Hearts/One Wish/Underworld/Toe That Line/Row It Home
12 Ways to Live (2007)

Track List: Believe in Me/Mad Intuition/Railroad/Bayou/7th & A/Every Pulse/Your Fire/Georgia/Omaha/Good Enough Reason/Election Year/Secret Song

Every Pulse (2005)
Track List: River of Forgetfulness/Typical/My Brother and I/The CNN Song/Stranger’s Hands/Sound of Right/Everything for This/We Heart Baseball 2003