New Album "Songs You Didn't Know I Wrote About You" Available February 17th, 2023!
“The album takes unexpected turns while Emily’s voice, the players, and the exquisite production let us know we are in good hands.”
-Marilyn Rea Beyer, WFMT’s The Midnight Special & Folkstage


February 2023

The new album “Songs You Didn’t Know I Wrote About You” will be available right here on Friday, February 17, 2023!

December 2022

THANK YOU for the incredible success of my Kickstarter campaign for my new album “Songs You Didn’t Know I Wrote About You”!  I am so excited to release this work to the world in February 2023!   Until then, please enjoy the first single “Radio” which you can find on this page (and in all the places you buy music!)

October 2022

My new single “Radio” from my upcoming album is out now!  You can listen AND BUY IT on iTunes, Bandcamp, Spotify, or whatever you like (or listen over on the right!) – here’s a handy place to find many of the links: emilywhite.hearnow.com

“I grew up in Memphis, TN, a town that’s virtually impossible to get around without wheels. Listening to the radio driving down Union Avenue toward the river gave me my first tastes of how big the world is, with the blues and soul horns from Beale bleeding in through my open windows. When I play this song I always think of home, and leaving home, and the powerful way music can make you a time-traveler.”

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy it!

love, e





coming up


“[the new album is] a full-on viral infection”
-Frank Gutch, Jr., acousticmusic.com

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