July 2022

Just here to say I’m still here and my goodness did you see the photos NASA released today?  They took my breath away.



May 2021

It has been a while, so I’m coming out of pandemic hiding to say I have an upcoming show via Zoom on May 19th, 2021 with two of my favorite Chicago songwriters!  I hope you’ll join us. Advance tickets are required for the show, and you can find them at this link: 

I hope to see you there!  


I’ve just gotten back to the Midwest after a couple of trips over to the East Coast for shows.  I had an awesome time playing in New Hampshire & NYC, it’s always so good to get over to a less flat part of the country!  Coming up in a few weeks I have a bunch of shows with Katie Dahl & Hope Dunbar, two of my favorite songwriters & humans.  I hope you’ll come see us in the Midwest, and check out the Concert Window show from ANYWHERE in the WORLD if you don’t live in the Midwest!!! 


Photo by Steve Suffet, Peoples’ Voice Cafe, NYC, March 9, 2019

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the new website!
I’m really looking forward to the shows coming up in Chicago and New York City in March!  Please get in touch if you’d like to attend the Chicago show, it’s part of an awesome local house concert series.  Also, it’s been a minute since I played in NYC, so if you have friends living there, *please* send your representatives to the show!

spring right around the corner,



“[White stands out] conspicuously from the pack…with her hushed, preternaturally haunting vocal delivery (and bewitching sense of indie-rock-informed melody)” – Connect Savannah

coming up


“[the new album is] a full-on viral infection”
-Frank Gutch, Jr.,

Emily’s four albums are available for sale here, on, iTunes, Bandcamp, and of course at live shows.  Thank you for supporting independent music!