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Cool Websites – A great site to discover new Chicago-based music – a small collective of Chicago-based artists.


Girls Rock – I was in a book along with many incredibly talented female musicians who have helped forge the way for women in rock music.  Make sure to buy it directly from University of Kentucky press or from your local independent bookstore!


Prompt Queens – My friends Emily Dunbar and Hope Dunbar have started a hilarious, entertaining, and informative podcast where they write a song to a prompt during each episode (no editing), and then talk about songwriting.  It’s a great listen!  

New Sounds

The Families of the Albums – [Kai Welch] produced “Staking Flags in the Valley,” and I’m so grateful for his hard work. – [Erick Jaskowiak] engineered and mixed “Staking Flags in the Valley.” – [DNA Music Labs] is the awesome recording studio in Madison, WI where I mixed “Songs You Didn’t Know I Wrote about You” and recorded “The Resolution EP” with Mark Whitcomb at the controls. – [Verdant Studio] is the home studio of Pete Weiss, the audio engineer who mixed “The Resolution EP” – [Scott Lamps] co-produced “The Resolution EP” and “12 Ways to Live,” played bass, keyboards, sang, and many other things while hardly breaking a sweat. – [Jennifer “JJ” Jones] played drums and suitcase and contributed so much to “12 Ways to Live” and now teaches online drum lessons! – [Peerless Mastering] is a great mastering studio that worked on“Every Pulse” and “12 Ways to Live”