1. 1989 – Emily wins “love of animals” award at school assembly in Memphis, Tennessee image


    1994 – Emily buys her first guitar with her own money saved up from babysitting

    1999 – Emily drops a 4-track recorder on her foot, fracturing the foot and ruining the rest of the soccer season (the 4-track was fine)

    2001 – Emily records on that old 4-track and creates her first release – a cassette tape – from her dorm room, which she dubs and sells at shows and open mics

    2003 – Emily attends Berklee College of Music’s Music Production & Engineering program, and subsequently releases her first EP, Every Pulse, in 2005



    2005 – Emily graduates, moves to Chicago, and gets an apartment just a block from Lake Michigan 



    2007 – Emily records her first full-length record “12 Ways to Live” in Chicago, winning honorable mentions in the Billboard Song Contest and the SongDoor Song Contest

    2008 – Emily moves to Paris to write songs and learn French, subsequently surviving on tiny coffees and pastries for 3 months

    2009/2010 – Emily tours heavily throughout the US, with highlights of opening for artists such as Peter Mulvey, Meg Hutchinson, Edie Carey, Bitch (of Bitch & Animal), and Ember Swift.  She also writes and releases her second EP “The Resolution EP,” following a year-long songwriting challenge 


    2012 – On a break from touring, Emily begins hosting a monthly songwriting group in Chicago fostering a creative community of encouragement and risk-taking

    2013 – Emily goes as John Prine for Halloween



    2014 – Emily records “Staking Flags in the Valley” in Nashville, Tennessee with producer Kai Welch, engineer Erick Jaskowiak, and musicians Megan McCormick, Adam Stockdale, Jon Estes, Jamie Dick, Oscar Utterstrom.  A lush and intimate landscape of sound, the album’s guitars, pedal steel, and keys provide a stunning bed over which White’s clear and haunting vocals float.  At once introspective and light, “Staking Flags in the Valley” is a beautifully paced record of one artist’s choice to dive into a life of creativity and savor it.  


    Short paragraph bio for promotional purposes:

    Independent folk-rock touring singer/songwriter Emily White has been described as standing out “conspicuously from the pack…with her hushed, preternaturally haunting vocal delivery (and bewitching sense of indie-rock-informed melody” (Connect Savannah). She has released four albums to date, the most recent being the Kai Welch-produced LP “Staking Flags in the Valley.”  In creating her show, she “adds an infusion of humor, audibly diverse musical influences and a truly singular sound that may leave even the most severe folk cynics entertained.” (Asheville Citizen-Times) She is based out of Chicago, but travels regularly throughout the US, captivating crowds with her unique voice and favorite Martin guitar, bringing her Southern roots and Midwestern charm to each city she visits.  Find out more at www.emily-white.com.